Pumps, shafts, epicyclic reduction gears, solenoids, etc. C0GF1 GAMMA CVT


C0GF1 is a CVT gearbox for Kia Seltos launched in 2018. It is installed on cars with NU and Gamma line motors with a torque of up to 180 N * m.

Owners of cars with such a gearbox should know the operation, transmission characteristics, pros and cons, repair and maintenance features.

Pumps, shafts, planetaries, solenoids, etc. C0GF1 GAMMA CVT

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Hyundai-Kia Gamma CVT

The continuously variable Gamma CVT or Kia Seltos IVT variator has been produced since 2018 and is installed on models with engines of the Gamma or Nu family with a torque of up to 180 Nm. This transmission is distinguished by a chain drive and is also known under the index C0GF1 and CF18.

Other Hyundai-Kia CVTs:
Kappa CVT and

Specifications Hyundai-Kia C0GF1

The most active discussion of the IVT variator is on Kia-Seltos.net

On the example of a 2020 Kia Seltos with a 2.0 liter engine:

Which cars are equipped with Hyundai-Kia IVT box

This variator has been produced not so long ago, the statistics of its breakdowns have not yet been collected

So far, the main complaints are related to speed jumps and flashing helps here

There have also been cases of CVT suddenly going into emergency mode during normal driving

Do not forget that cars with such a transmission should absolutely not be towed

CVT is afraid of slipping, on one of the tests it failed

The story about the tests of the IVT variator at the test site

Kia Seltos

The 1st generation Kia Seltos in the back of the SP2 was first presented at the auto show in 2019, but our sales began only in 2020, and the crossover was assembled in Kaliningrad. Our version of the car is different from the Korean one and is close to the second generation Chinese Kia KX3.

Modifications Kia Seltos 1

This crossover in a single body began to be served on our market only in 2020.

There are two types of drive, three motors and five different gearboxes to choose from:

A restyled version of the model debuted in 2022, but we don’t offer it yet.

2020 Kia Seltos User Video Guide

Specifications Kia Seltos 1. 6 l. 6-speed manual 4×4

¹ – with stowage / with full-size spare

Advantages, disadvantages and problems of Kia Seltos 1

Body and interior

Price of Kia Seltos 1 in the secondary market

We still have very few offers on the secondary market and their cost is from one and a half million rubles.

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Kia Seltos I

1 690 000 ₽

* The price of this car is for reference only

Detailed review of Kia Seltos from Za Rulem magazine

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Overview of C0GF1 CVT

C0GF1 — CVT for Kia Seltos with an engine up to 2.0 liters. It differs by the use of a chain drive instead of a classic belt. This optimization improved the noise isolation of the transmission, which was also affected by the use of additional overlays on the body.

C0GF1 variator is manufactured by Hyundai Powertech. The factory is located in South Korea. Engaged in the production of gearboxes for Hyundai / KIA cars. The factory produces 2 types of transmissions:

The latter option applies to $10,000 Kia Seltos (select markets).

Variator C0GF1 has the following parameters:

Design C0GF1 CVT

CVT ratios

CVT parameters may vary depending on the brand/model and size of the power unit. Here are the CVT IVT C0GF1 gear ratios for the 2020 Kia Celtos with a 2-liter engine:

Advantages and disadvantages

The practice of application allows us to highlight a number of strengths and weaknesses of the variator, which are noted by car owners.

Smooth switching. When driving a car with a C0GF1 variator, there are no jerks, which makes operation comfortable. This is important when driving in the city, when you have to constantly drop and pick up speed.

Low fuel consumption. The variator electronics keeps the C0GF1 operating in optimal mode, which makes the car more economical in comparison with cars equipped with classic automatic transmissions.

Responsiveness. The car immediately responds to pressing the gas pedal. This is due to the rapid change in torque and gear ratios.

Sports mode. Especially important for lovers of sports driving. When it is turned on, dynamics improves, and the car picks up speed faster when moving in a stream.

Chain application. The use of a chain drive instead of a belt increases the reliability of the motor and reduces the noise level.

Less reliability compared to automatic transmission. This is important for connoisseurs of fast driving.

Periodic speed jumps. Downloading new software does not solve the problem.

Cases of switching to emergency mode are known. The situation often occurs during simple driving.

Strict requirements for operation. On machines with a C0GF1 variator, it is not recommended to slip due to the risk of device failure.

Which cars are fitted with a CVT

During its release, the C0GF1 transmission was installed on many vehicles from Hyundai Motor and other manufacturers. These include Kia Seltos, Cerato, Soul, Creta and others. Installation is carried out on models of different versions – Luxe, Style, Prestige, Premium. For the basic versions of Classic and Comfort, such an automatic transmission is not provided.

For clarity, let’s summarize the main cars and their years of manufacture in a table.

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Kia Seltos engines

During the entire production period, three different engines were installed on Kia Seltos crossovers:

Engine Kia Seltos 1. 6 liters

The basic versions of this crossover are equipped with a 1.6-liter engine from the Gamma family. This is a well-known all-aluminum unit from Solaris 2 with cast-iron sleeves and an open cooling jacket, a 16-valve cylinder head without hydraulic lifters, a timing chain and a proprietary Dual CVVT variable valve timing system on both camshafts. Also here is a distributed fuel injection and an intake manifold with variable geometry. It is aggregated with a 6-speed manual transmission M6CF1 or M6CF4, depending on the type of drive, and a 6-speed automatic transmission A6GF1.

The most famous problem of this engine is the appearance of scoring in the cylinders due to the ingress of catalyst crumbs into them: it quickly collapses from bad fuel. However, if on the Hyundai Creta with such a power unit, bullies are very common, then the Seltos crossover has so far passed such a fate. We will follow the development of the situation. The weak points of this unit also include weak gaskets and regular lubrication leaks, floating revolutions due to contamination of the throttle assembly and a small resource for the timing chain.

Engine Kia Seltos 1.6 T-GDI

Charged car modifications are equipped with a 1.6-liter turbo engine like the Hyundai Veloster. This engine is similar to the unit already described above, but differs in the presence of a direct fuel injection system, a Borgwarner Twin-Scroll turbocharger and an intercooler. Otherwise, this is the same aluminum internal combustion engine with a 16-valve head, a timing chain drive, a Dual CVVT phase control system, and perhaps there is no intake geometry change system. They put such a turbo unit only on all-wheel drive versions with a 7-speed D7UF1 robot.

In the first years of production, such turbo engines caused a lot of trouble to their owners: they often failed due to the destruction of pistons or candles with the insulator falling out, and also due to the rotation of the liners after the turbine drove all the oil out of the engine. But in Seltos there is a modernized version of the internal combustion engine, which does not suffer from such problems. But regular lubrication leaks due to weak gaskets and floating revs at idle due to soot on the valves or contamination of the throttle assembly are constantly encountered here.

Engine Kia Seltos 2. 0 liter

Advanced modifications of the crossover are equipped with a 2.0-liter engine of the Nu family. This is an updated version of the G4NA power unit known from the Kia Sportage 4, which operates on the Atkinson economy cycle and is characterized by low fuel consumption. It is similar in design to its predecessor: there is an aluminum block with cast-iron sleeves and an open cooling jacket, an aluminum 16-valve cylinder head with hydraulic lifters, a timing chain drive and a Dual CVVT phase control system on both camshafts. Also here is a distributed fuel injection and an intake manifold with variable geometry. The motor is placed on the front and all-wheel drive versions with an IVT variator under the index C0GF1.

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Since this power unit has just appeared, information about its breakdowns has not yet been collected. So far, only a few cases of a sudden wedge of this engine due to a sharp drop in oil level are actively discussed on the network. And on Seltos.ru there is a separate topic on this issue.

Overview of all engines and gearboxes Kia Seltos

Features of repair and maintenance of C0GF1 CVT

The C0GF1 variator is reliable, so the main work on the part of the car owner is the periodic replacement of the oil and filter. To work, Hyundai SP-CVT1 oil is required in the required volume, a drain plug (art. no. 1751214000) and an oil filter (art. no. 481972H000).

At the time of replacement and thereafter, it is recommended to check the oil level in the C0GF1 variator. Here the algorithm is:


In the absence of the necessary knowledge, it is better not to take risks, but to entrust the work to the masters of Jatco service stations, who perform installation in a short time and guarantee quality. Contact CVT Repair Center No. 1: Moscow 8 (495) 161-49-01, St. Petersburg 8 (812) 223-49-01. We accept calls from all regions.

Service Transmission Fluids

The best replacement lubricant in the C0GF1 CVT is Hyundai ATF SP-CVT 1. Hyundai ATF SP-IV and Hyundai MTF & DCTF SAE 70W are also recommended.

Suitable for analogues:

Shortcomings, breakdowns and problems

The problems of the C0GF1 variator include lower reliability, speed floating, switching to emergency mode and possible failure during aggressive driving. Twitching and gearbox problems during shifting can be caused by an untimely oil change or the use of non-original transmission fluid.

Other breakdowns are possible:

failures in the operation of electronics;

Repair parts

Depending on the fault, the following parts may be required:

Repair kit for oil seals and gaskets

Frictions and steel discs

In our car service, we carry out a complete diagnosis, calibration, reprogramming and replacement of variators. Troubleshooting of any complexity can be done at the CVT Repair Center No. 1. Get additional information by phone: Moscow – 8 (495) 161-49-01, St. Petersburg – 8 (812) 223-49-01. We accept calls from any region.

The C0GF1 variator is a relatively new modification. It is reliable, but if used improperly, early wear of bearings, pump, seals and other elements is possible.

In the comments, tell us about the experience of operating a car with a C0GF1 CVT. Share the features and problems of the transmission. Provide instructions on how you managed to solve the difficulties. Bookmark the review article for quick access to the review.

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