(intelligent variable transmission

(intelligent variable transmission KIA Carnival


transmission – a subspecies of the variator, which is the development of Hyundai Motor Group and in the future is capable of replacing the classic automatic.

Below we will consider what are the features of the new gearbox, on which cars it is installed, and on what principle it works. Separately, we will give reviews of car owners who have already tested this unit, let’s talk about its problems and features of operation.

IVT is a continuously variable transmission that transmits torque by changing the diameter of the pulleys. The Hyundai Motor Group concern is engaged in the production of such variators.

(intelligent variable transmission

The management of the South Korean brand decided to independently develop a gearbox to better adapt to the car.

Manufacturers call the reason for choosing such a variator the desire to save money, because Hyundai Creta models with automatic transmission were criticized precisely because of the high consumption. Here, this shortcoming has been offset.

(intelligent variable transmission

IVT transmission is installed on the following cars:

(intelligent variable transmission

(intelligent variable transmission

(intelligent variable transmission

Unlike analogues, this type of variator is equipped with a chain drive, which makes it more durable when working with increased loads and high torque.

How it works

IVT is a special type of CVT variator distinguished by an infinite number of gear ratios and speed ratios.

The peculiarity of the box is the ability to include a “zero coefficient” of gear ratios, when the output shaft does not depend on the drive shaft in any way.

In other words, the car is immobilized, but the motor is still running and remains closed at speed.

(intelligent variable transmission

(intelligent variable transmission

Unlike competitors, the driven pulley and the driving pulley are connected by a chain. As a result, a high ratio range (7.0) is guaranteed. This parameter displays the difference between the lowest and highest gear ratio.

For comparison, this parameter is equal to 6.3 for competitors. This feature helps to improve the dynamics of acceleration and fuel economy when driving at “cruising” speed.

(intelligent variable transmission

Parts and service

When searching for spare parts, you need to know that Kia Seltos is equipped with an IVT transmission with the number 480002H352 on front-wheel drive versions. The coarse filter element is 481482H000, and the gearbox oil filter is 481972H000.

Permissible load

Car owners using trailers should take into account the maximum load on the IVT-variator. It is allowed to use the same towing device as on a 6-speed automatic transmission – 1100 kg. In this regard, the robotic version is ahead of its competitors and is capable of pulling up to 1.25 tons, and the “mechanics” – up to 1.3 tons.

Common breakdowns

Kia Cerato with IVT has been on sale in the US since 2019. In almost 12 months of operation, we managed to collect some information about the experience of use and the main breakdowns.

Car owners talk about the following problem:

Taking into account sales for 2019-2020, the number of complaints on the forums does not exceed 20. This is a good indicator for a CVT. Despite the fact that the total number of cars sold exceeds the mark of 100,000 units.

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Experienced car owners recommend periodically checking the temperature in the variator. To do this, you can use the Car Scanner program for the ELM 327 connector.

The temperature in the oil variator and the engine is displayed here.

(intelligent variable transmission

What is a variator (CVT gearboxes), device, principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages


The best way to learn more about IVT transmission is to read reviews.

Car owners highlight the following benefits:

Of the shortcomings stands out:


With that said, there are mixed feelings about the IVT transmission. On the one hand, the developers preferred the chain and made the box more reliable. Dynamics improved, fuel consumption decreased and the long-awaited smoothness appeared.

On the other hand, there are many doubts about the life of the option in the long term and its ability to withstand continuous loads.

There are cases when during an active test drive the IVT-variator overheated and required repair.

What do you think about the new transmission? Will she get along with us? Write in the comments.


Greetings. In the modern market, there have long been leaders of budget crossovers, one of which is certainly the Hyundai Creta, although the Renault Duster is also in good demand. However, a new player has appeared – Kia Seltos, which has an IVT gearbox.

V-chain variator (continuously variable transmission), installed instead of the classic automatic.

(intelligent variable transmission

Reverse side of IVT

This information is based on several owner reviews.

It is important to understand that the efficiency of a CVT is much higher than that of an automatic transmission, it thinks faster, is easier, and cheaper to manufacture. They have been put on Subaru for ten years, the IVT is identical in design. However, the cons according to driver reviews are the low reliability of the IVT, the gentle requirements of operation. For example, there is an opinion that it is absolutely impossible to slip – during slipping – overheating is possible, chips appear, which will eventually kill the variator.

Problems can appear already at 5000-15000 km and at a speed of about 90-120 km/h: the car suddenly starts to pick up speed up to 6000/7000, the speed temporarily holds, then drops, may drop to a complete stop. Plus, there can be a loud rattle.

If you try to move again, the variator may switch to emergency mode, a special malfunction indicator will light up. If the car goes — the speed does not exceed 25 km / h, even with a full gas pedal. Or the car will stand, with the engine running at about 7000 rpm.

Some owners threw off the battery terminals – the problem was not solved. Did not help and attempts to turn off the ignition, change the mode of the variator. Even after a few hours, the problem did not disappear.

There was only one solution — calling a tow truck and contacting a service center to replace the variator.


I hope the information helped. Good luck.

(intelligent variable transmission

Modern cars are increasingly equipped with CVT gearboxes. A variator is a device that transmits torque steplessly by changing the diameters of the pulleys. Thanks to the improvement of the design, the shortcomings that CVTs suffered at the dawn of production have been eliminated for the most part. For example, Kia Seltos, a newcomer to the automotive market, is equipped with an IVT variator.

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(intelligent variable transmission

How the variator works

Who makes the IVT variator

Most automakers prefer to install components and assemblies of famous brands such as ZF, Aisin, and others on cars. The IVT variator is the brainchild of the Hyundai Motor Group, which includes Kia. The Koreans preferred to develop and manufacture the device on their own. This makes it easier to adapt the variator to a specific car.

(intelligent variable transmission

Design features of IVT

The main thing that distinguishes this unit is a chain drive installed instead of a belt. This made it possible to equip cars with increased engine torque with CVTs.

(intelligent variable transmission

The use of a chain offers some advantages over a belt drive:

The disadvantages include the chain stretching during operation, as well as the more noisy operation of the box.

CVT or hydromechanical automatic machine

The CVT gearbox consists of the CVT itself, the torque converter (or automatic clutch), and the control device.

Hydromechanical automatic transmission is similar. The fundamental difference is that in it the torque converter works in tandem with a planetary gearbox, and not with a variator.

(intelligent variable transmission

Automatic transmission does not like abrupt starts and aggressive driving, as well as frequent switching of the driving mode. First of all, this device is designed for comfort. The disadvantages include the high cost, some deterioration in the dynamics of acceleration and efficiency in cars with a gun. Modern multi-stage gearboxes, equipped with advanced control electronics, minimize these disadvantages.

The variator is simpler in design, but imposes increased requirements on the quality of the materials used. IVT has a limited amount of transmitted torque. Therefore, such devices are not used on large vehicles with excessively powerful motors.

(intelligent variable transmission

Hyundai Motor Group IVT CVT

The main advantage of the variator is its high efficiency, which determines its advantages. Such as:

Classic slot machines are slowly losing ground. Increasingly, robotic gearboxes and CVTs are found on cars. This is due to economic factors. Automatic machines are characterized by reliability, comfort, but they have higher fuel consumption and worse dynamic characteristics. The experience of using CVTs in the Hyundai Motor Group, apparently, was considered successful. The next step is to install this type of transmission on Solaris.

(intelligent variable transmission

Installation on Solaris is next

What is iVT or Intelligent Variable Transmission?

iVT stands for Intelligent Variable Transmission. It is Hyundai’s flagship proprietary technology. This is an advanced type of transmission and part of Hyundai cars. As the name suggests, it varies the speed more intelligently than ‘step-by-step’ as in an automatic gearbox. As a result, it makes the drive smarter & more responsive as compared to other transmission types. In addition, compared to other automatic transmissions, iVT allows the engine to run in a sweet efficiency range. As a result, it helps deliver good performance and better fuel economy.

Basically, Intelligently Variable Transmission is a type of automatic transmission. It works the same way as the automatic transmission. It automatically converts the engine’s limited speed range to various ratios and sends it to the driven wheels using several different gears. The conventional automatic transmission must make several changes to the gear ratio during acceleration. To do this, it temporarily disconnects the engine from the driveline while activating a gear shift. Once completed, the engine reengages. The passengers could feel this as a slight interruption to the vehicle’s forward motion.

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Driving A Car With iVT

However, while driving a Hyundai iVT, the transmission will also change gears thru’ several ratios. The passengers would notice these changes but without feeling them. This is because there is little or no loss of momentum. That means more comfort for the passengers, especially in the down-town & during traffic, where the gear-shifts are frequent. This state-of-the-art transmission is more responsive than conventional ones. A Hyundai Intelligent Variable Transmission car shifts gear ratios more quickly than the conventional automatic gearbox. As a result, the engine power goes to the wheels faster with less delay &/or lag. Because the iVT keeps the engine in the optimum powerband. Thus, you are ready to get up & go when you are.

If you wish to enhance the sporty driving feel further, just select the Sports mode. It would adjust the engine, steering & transmission settings at once and deliver maximum responsiveness. Since Hyundai is focused on improving the driving experience, that’s where Intelligent Variable Transmission chips in.

How does iVT work?

Hyundai’s Smartstream iVT uses a chain-belt system drive. It is the first of its kind in the segment while retaining the benefits of the CVT. The chain belt’s main advantage is that it uses the belt tension to adjust the pulley diameter. Thus, it eliminates the occasions of slippage and also improves the economy. According to Hyundai, the cars with Smartstream Intelligent Variable Transmission displayed a 4.2% improvement in fuel economy and a 5-8% reduction in engine power loss.

(intelligent variable transmission

Hyundai’s Intelligent Variable Transmission or iVT (Image Courtesy: Hyundai)

Furthermore, CVTs normally keep the engine RPM fixed while increasing the vehicle speed. This makes the drivers feel as if the engine is running idle. To resolve this issue, the Smartstream iVT replicates the manual transmission’s shifting pattern and better considers the driver’s intention and driving conditions. Thus, making it feel more responsive. alternatively, with no set gear speed (as in CVTs), the driver can also make the most of the virtual gear speeds generated by the iVT as needed. Thus, it resembles the fun feel of the Manual Transmission. Currently, Smartstream IVT features on the Hyundai Avante and Venue and the Kia K3.

Advantages of Intelligent Variable Transmission

Intelligently Variable Transmissions deliver better fuel economy by allowing the engine to run at its most efficient RPM for any range of engine speed. Vehicles with iVTs drive smoothly as the passengers don’t feel any jerks from gear changes. An improved fuel economy and a smoother ride for passengers are the main benefits of it.

(intelligent variable transmission

Hyundai Intelligent Variable Transmission unit (courtesy: Hyundai)

Hyundai makes cars with this proprietary technology in the world.

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