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Hobbies: Collecting knives
Favorite food: Shichimi Togarashi

The fourth and youngest son of the Mukami household. Azusa is a clingy, faint-hearted do-S (extreme sadist) and do-M (extreme masochist). Because he likes being injured, he may even harm himself. Though his manner of speech and attitude are timid, he’ll always do what he wants to his heart’s content. He talks very slowly.

Azusa has a twisted yet visible sense of right and wrong. He tells his brothers not to fight. He apologizes to the heroine when he startles her, deceives her, or feels he must do something against her wishes. Azusa also admits he knows lying is wrong, but he will lie to make someone happy, to earn a punishment, or to fulfill his older brothers’ orders. He never uses demeaning nicknames and calls the heroine by her name with the “-san” honorific or simply “Eve.”

When he hurts the heroine by cutting her, sucking her blood, or forcing spicy food on her, it is usually because he’s trying to help her or to share with her (because he sees her as a masochist). He believes physical pain is the greatest pleasure; it makes him feel alive and gives his life purpose. Because of his childhood trauma, Azusa feels unwanted and useless except when he’s in pain, and he says that being unwanted by anyone is worse than death. Physical pain also helps him forget emotional pain, and Azusa tries to hurt the heroine to give her the same comfort and pleasure.

He also finds it important for wounds to leave permanent scars, because the scars are proof that he was “needed” once. Since he heals, he needs to “refresh” his old scars, which he considers his friends and talks to them (most notably Justin, Christina, Melissa, which are named after his bullies in childhood).

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Vandead carnival normal ending translation


(This ending is common to every routes. You get it if you haven’t made enough correct decisions)

Place : Living room


Yui : (At the beginning, I was very anxious,
but I enjoyed this wonderful carnival in the end)

(I’m glad I could keep good memories of

(But it was a bit tiring… I’m
exhausted but satisfied…)



Ayato : What’s up, breastless ? You’re

Azusa : Eve, are you okay ?

Yui : I feel a bit tired

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Reiji : Good grief… And the finale of the
carnival is still to come…

The great dinner organised by the
greatest chef of the Demon World is about to begin

Subaru : Well, you can’t be tired for just
wandering aimlessly… Hey, you, sit here

Yui : Thank you, Subaru-kun


Kou : Wait a minute, Subaru-kun !
Maso-kitty’s the queen, isn’t she ?

So she should sit here

Yui : Eh… ? In the middle… ?

Kou : That’s right ! There’s no way you
should seat at the foot of the table next to Subaru-kun !

Subaru : Hey, you bastard ! Stop making casually
fun of me !

*Subaru bangs his fist on the table


Ruki : Hey, refrain from using violence. Look
closely at the table. Can’t you see the cutlery beautifully
arranged ?

Subaru : Aaah !? What about it ?


Yuma : He’s annoyed and irritated when you hit
the table

Shu : That kind of thing doesn’t matter…
Let’s start eating already. I’m sleepy…


Kanato : …way …

Ayato : Aah ? What did you
say, Kanato ?

Kanato : I said “No way” !

Why would I sit with all of you around
the table to have dinner ?

I only want to eat with Teddy and

Yui : K-Kanato-kun, calm down !

Kanato : There’s no way I can calm down !!
Are you perhaps opposing me ? You don’t want to be with
me… ?

Yui : Errr… Look, didn’t they say meals are
more delicious when we eat them with lots of people ?


Shu : … What’s that baseless story ?

Yui : Ugh…

(Well, this foregoing method may have
been too much shallow…)

B-But, anyway, it’s a rare opportunity
to eat together

So the dinner must be even more tasty… Don’t
you think ?

Kanato : …

… Alright. If you say so…

Yui : (T-Thank godness…)


Laito : Hehe. Well, now that it’s
settled, everyone seat down, right away ♪

Having another meal with the Mukamis
face-to-face will surely never happen again, right ? Hehe

Ruki : I would hope so. It isn’t good for my
mental health to sit at the same table as those vulgar guys


Yuma : Aaa-aaah, you should stop sending
hatred to each other before the meal starts…

Reiji : Look, the food is coming

*plates are served

Yui : Wooooow… !


Ruki : A full course meal ingeniously planned
according to the carnival ? … I’m looking forward to it

Kou : Somehow, there’s too many forks and
knives, but I can be wrong


Yuma : You think they’ve been careless ?

Azusa : It’s fine, there’s knives… They look
very sharp…


Ayato : That look so damn delicious, huh !!
This meat’s for the Great Me !

Subaru : Ah, HEY, YOU !! That’s the meat I
was aiming at !!

Ayato (while eating the meat) : Iiiidiot ! The fastest wins here

Subaru : Aah !?

Kou : Heeey ! Stop quarreling now !
You’re scaring Maso-kitty. Right ?

Yui : Y-Yes… It’s okay, Subaru-kun. There’s
still plenty

I know, lend me your plate… I’ll give
some to you

Kou : Eh ~~ ? It’s not fair, Subaru-kun !
Hey hey, Maso-kitty ! Give me a part too, please !

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Yui : Yes, it’s coming !

Yuma : C’mon, in that case, eat this !

*Yuma serves some vegetables

Yui : Eh… ?

Yuma : As you can see, these vegetables are
fresh, nutritious and absolutely delicious of course !

Yui : Wow… Thank you !

Laito : Ah, Little Bitch, hold the dish like

Yui : Eh… ?

Laito : Hehe ♪ Here’s
pleeeenty of the Demon World’s special made dressing…

Alright !
Here you go !

Yui : Thank
you, Laito-kun !

Laito : No
need to thank me… Hehe

Azusa : … Kanato-san,
you already eat dessert… ?

Kanato : Since I don’t
need anything else, please help yourselves, all of you

Azusa : Hmm… Then…
Should I cut the cake ?

Reiji : No, Kanato. Think
about your nutritional balance and eat other things

Desserts are for

Kanato : It’s fine,
because it’s the carnival today. Right, Teddy ?

Azusa : Then
I can’t cut the cake yet… ?

Ruki : You

Azusa :

Ruki :
Sigh… Even if you make that look, no means no

Come on, Azusa.
Give me the knife you’re holding

Azusa : …

Kanato : Hehe, please
wait. I came up with a good idea

Azusa : … ?

Yui : Here you go,
Subaru-kun. That’s all there is to it

Subaru :

Kanato :
Hey, you

Yui :
Eh… ? Me ?

Kanato : Of
course, who else would it be ?

Please lend me
the plate you’re holding now. I’ll give you cake as well

Yui : B-But… I was
going to give this plate to Subaru-kun…

Kanato :
*starts crying… Haven’t you listened to what I said… ?

Subaru : Hey, don’t hand
that plate over to that Kanato guy. Pass it to me

Kanato (crying) : And I just took
the trouble to say… that I would give you some cake… out of

Yui :
(Subaru-kun asked me so, but Kanato-kun said he would give some cake out
of courtesy)

(So it should be
fine if I hand over the plate to Kanato-kun…)

Then, please do,

Subaru : Idiot ! What
the hell was that decision !?

Kanato :
Hehe, thank you very much

Now, Azusa. With
this, I made you a good excuse to cut the cake

So, please cut
the cake

Azusa :
Hehe, alright…

Ruki :

*Azusa cuts the

Azusa : Okay, I cut it…
The sharpness of this knife is very good. It cuts nicely

Kanato : Now, please put
a piece of cake on the plate

Azusa :

Subaru : Hey, wait wait
wait ! You’re gonna mess up my food !

Don’t put it on
that plate !

Kanato :
Good grief, you’re noisy

Yui : (Ah, the dish
taken from Subaru-kun is becoming a serious issue…)

(Could it be…
Subaru-kun anticipated this ?)

(Is that why he
told me to not hand over the plate to Kanato-kun…?)

(I did something
wrong to Subaru-kun…)

Kanato :
Here you go, Subaru. Azusa, please put a piece of cake on the plate over
here as well

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Azusa : …

Kanato : Hehe, like this,
I can have cake too

Reiji : Kanato. Did you
intend to take advantage of the confusion to eat cake ?

Kanato :
Good grief, you’re noisy

This is Teddy’s
part. I’m not the one eating it. Right, Teddy ?

Eh… ?
What’s the matter, Teddy ? Really ? I can eat it ?
Hehe, thank you

*Kanato eats the

Kanato :
Hehe, it’s delicious

Reiji :
Sigh… Good grief

Subaru : That guy’s
getting messed up, how did he get to eat ?

Yuma : … Well, my
condolences for him…

Shu :

Yui : (Shu-san… He
looks sleepy as usual…)

U-Um, won’t you
eat something, Shu-san ?

Shu : I don’t need
anything. Too bothersome

Yui : But everyone else is eating and…

Shu : Then, if you say
you want me to eat something, you have to feed me

Yui : N-No
way !

Kou : Hey hey,
Maso-kitty, are you cheating on meeee ?

Yui : Eh ?

Kou : You haven’t
served me food  after Subaru-kun ~

Yui : Ah,
yes. I’ll do it right now !

*Yui serves food
to Kou

Yui : (Somehow, it’s an
amazing scene)

(Everyone sitting
together around the table…)

(As if it was a

Ayato : Hey,
breastless. Why are you smirking ?

Yui : Eh !?
I-I’m not smirking at all…

Laito : Hehe
♪ Little Bitch, were you thinking of something naughty by any
chance ?

Yui :
T-That’s wrong… !!

*sounds of


Yui : … !?

Reiji : Oh, they began
shooting fireworks, it’s a suitable thing to embellish the finale

Yui : Wow !
Amazing… !! It’s so beautiful… !

Ruki : The fireworks of
the Demon World are a bit different from the ones of the Human World.
Since they’re performing magic, the fireworks stay longer in the sky

Yuma : Oooh, I see. So
the fireworks remain in the sky like this ?

Yui : I
see… It’s fantastic !

Azusa : Eve,
are you happy ?

Yui : Yes,
I’m happy. I’m having fun… !

(Many things
happened, but I’m glad I could make enjoyable memories with everyone
at the end)

(It’d be nice if
I can spend time with all of them like this again…)

Normal Ending : End

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