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Reviews of tires 185/65 R15Buy tires 185/65 R15Reviews of tires 185/60 R15Buy tires 185/60 R15Kia Rio X (X-Line) owner reviews:

ground clearance 190 mm, suspension improved for our roads – today it passed the test of our off-road. In my opinion, the hodovka is good, the pits and potholes, on which the previous KIA Venga fought in hysterics, were swallowed almost imperceptibly. Climate control interior heats up quickly, standard audio system produces quite a decent sound. Heated steering wheel, front seats and wiper area. The side windows do not sweat when there is more than one person in the car (Venga was very sick with this). Noise isolation of the engine. Gasoline consumption 7.7 liters. The exterior design is stylish in my opinion.

Vibration at idle. There was a salon on this problem, they said that this is a disease of this model, the manufacturer is aware, but so far they can’t do anything, be patient until zero MOT, it can run in. Under the hood, everything is somehow bare, is it really impossible to make all the connections whiter hermetically. Noise isolation from the wheels is poor. The initial speed is gaining somehow tight, you constantly need to put pressure on the gas, and with a certain effort. KIA Venga was much more dynamic and nimble in this, although the engine size and the number of horses are the same, apparently the 6-speed automatic transmission “thinks” for a long time. There is no ease in movement, you need to constantly gas up. Personally, it annoys me. According to the documents, this car is designated as RIO without the X-line prefix. Plastic protection is somehow indelible, dirt directly eats into it. The glove box is tiny. There are no sockets in the trunk (for example, there is nowhere to turn on the car refrigerator). Windshield washers spray water somehow sparingly, three trickles from each, not enough for our mud roads, although the washer reservoir is enlarged.

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Cheap reliable practical

Cheap trim, rusty trunk and hood

Sufficiently high ground clearance

For 38000 front brake discs to be replaced

Reviews from Skoda Rapid owners:

Dome light for rear passengers
Plenty of room for rear passengers
dipped beam
120 km / h at 2900 rpm.
Shumka norms (it can be worse)
Assembly of norms

I would drive a nail into the head of the one who made a non-switchable cigarette lighter
Six months have passed since the purchase, I can’t find the optimal position of the seat behind the wheel, my back falls off (30 years behind the wheel, the first time such crap)
Suspension is weak, felt
Checkpoints 1 and 2 are slurred, fuzzy or something
Brakes are weak
After 120 km / h it swims up, and it doesn’t matter if it’s loaded or not
For such an ass, parking sensors would be necessary
Plastic scratches twice
In the idea of ​​a car is not bad, but of course the budget reduces all ideas to nothing.
For 845,400 in October 2020, I definitely would not have found anything better. Searched.

Excellent engine and gearbox layout

~ 1 029 900 ₽

Reviews of tires 185/60 R15Buy tires 185/60 R15Reviews of tires 185/65 R15Buy tires 185/65 R15Skoda Rapid owner reviews:

Reviews from Kia Rio owners:

This is a disaster comrades. I drove only 1000 km, I’m standing at home in the parking lot, I don’t really want to get into it, since there is something else to ride (I reassure myself that this is B class, that this is a Russian assembly, but not 1.3 with dopami and at maximum speed.

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1. It is wooden, from the word at all, the support bearings of the shock absorber struts knock like with a run of 150 thousand, the dealer says this is normal.
2. Consumption for 1.6 in the city is 11 liters, after a hybrid it’s wild for me, I hope it will drop after running in to at least 7.
3. Shumka, these are cool feelings. Passing a puddle, it feels like drowning in a ford))
4. Overtaking a truck in windy weather, this is straight extreme, I’ll tell you.
5. There is a lack of athermal glasses, the sun fries just fine, but this can be solved with a film.
6. The geometry of the body, as the manager answered, these are crooked robots at the factory)) The gaps of the front bumper and headlights are different on both sides, the gaps of the door moldings are different, the gaps of the rear bumper and the body are different.
7. Tolshchik did not break through the paintwork, well, so as not to be upset at all.

Reliable, low fuel consumption

Virtually no soundproofing

Looks nice, good dynamics,

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