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Решите пожалуйста)))ну ,а с меня пункты... — Знания.org KIA Sportage

Test on module1, spotlight 9 | тест по английскому языку (9 класс): | образовательная социальная сеть

Test on Module 1

  1. Fill in the missing word. There are three words you don`t need to use.

march, raised, strong, life, display, make, feel, transformed, return, bright, street, spare, contest

  1. Over the years, this organization has _______a lot of money for different local charities.
  2. If you see a spider, ________sure you don’t kill it; I`ve heard its bad luck.
  3. The night sky burst with colour when the magnificent fireworks_______began.
  4. Henry really enjoyed the opportunity to experience _______as a knight at England`s Medieval Festival last month.
  5. Throwing Mum and Dad a surprise party for their anniversary is really a _______idea!
  6. We always sing Christmas carols during the holidays, as it is a _______tradition in my family.
  7. Why don’t you take part in the cooking _______? I`m sure you`ll be the winner!
  8. It`s amazing how the town residents have _______the local square into an open-air theatre for next week`s music festival.
  9. Take a _______change of warm clothes with you on your camping trip; I`ve heard it gets quite cold in the mountains at night.
  10. The children were thrilled to see Disney floats at this year`s colourful _______parade.
  1. Underline the correct item.
  1. Annabel always makes a wish before she blows out/lets off the candles on her birthday cake.
  2. Bob and Sue always exchange/receive gifts with each other on Christmas Eve.
  3. Many people in the US dress up/decorate their Christmas trees with popcorn.
  4. The Nice Carnival is a winter event which invites/attracts millions of festival-goers to France each year.
  5. The Tulip Festival takes place every May and is one of Holland`s most popular monthly/annual events.
  6. Please remind/remember me to call Linda tonight. I forgot to tell her about the costume party on Saturday.
  7. Are Rosie and Sue winning/entering the school`s singing competition this year?
  8. Everyone at the party made/took a toast to Lisa and wished her a Happy Birthday.
  9. In many countries around the world, people throw/pull streamers and dance in the streets to celebrate New Year`s Eve.
  10. Don`t expect the children to wait patiently/slowly for the treasure hunt to begin; they`re too excited!
  1. Choose the correct answer.
  1. Georgia ________many fancy dress costumes. Why don`t you borrow one from her for tonight`s party?
  1. is having                     B. has                         C. has had
  1. _________stunning costumes they`re wearing!
  1. What                           B. How                       C. What a
  1. That dress _______great on Maria; pink is really her colour.
  1. is looks                                 B. has been looking                              C. looks
  1. The children ________in the garden all morning; that`s why their clothes are dirty.
  1. have played              B. have been playing                           C. play
  1. The Prague Spring International Music Festival _______in the middle of May and lasts for about two weeks.
  1.  starts                        B.  is starting                              C. has started
  1. Has Mark found time to buy a costume for the Halloween party________?
  1. just                     B. now                  C. yet
  1. Kate has not walked under a ladder ________she heard it was bad luck.
  1.   for               B. since                       C. ago
  1. Why ___________this cheese? Is there something wrong with it?
  1.  You are smelling               B. do you smell                          C. are you smelling
  1. My brother ________plays April Fool`s jokes on people because he doesn`t want to embarrass them.
  1. usually           B. sometimes               C. never
  1. Janet ________about taking part in the Mardi Gras parade next week.
  1. think                  B. is thinking                  C. thinks
  1. Fill in: when, who, which, where, whose.
  1. John,________brother is a clown, is throwing a costume party next year.
  2. December 25th , _______Christmas takes place, is also my parents` anniversary.
  3. Perugia, _______the Eurochocolate Festival is held every year, is a city in central Italy.
  4. Lyn is the girl_______is having the party on Friday.
  5. The costume ______George has chosen for the fancy dress party is very funny.
  1. Match the phrasal verbs to their definitions :
  1. Turn down                             a) arrive
  2. Turn into                                b) switch off
  3. Turn off                                  c) return
  4. Turn back                                d) refuse
  5. Turn up                                   e) become
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