Read the sentence and fill in the gap with the correct form of the verb in the Past Simple or — Школьные

Fill in the gaps (1-7) with a derivative of the words in bold. a trip to remember visit lake baikal the largest lake in eurasia and one of the world’ — универ soloby

1 impressive

2 trekking

3 attractive

4 Architecture

5 interesting

6 fitness

7 selection

Посетите озеро Байкал, крупнейшее по величине озеро в Евразии и одно из самых 1) впечатляющих природных чудес в мире, пешком. Мы организуем 15-дневное 2) прогулочное путешествие, которое вы никогда не забудете. Начиная с 3) привлекательного города Иркутска, мы отвезем вас вверх по реке Ангара на катере к деревне Листвянке, где начинается сам путешествие. Поездка предполагает 5-6 часов ходьбы в день, и включает в себя посещение пещеры the Obeutikha Cave, где жил человек нового каменного века, пещеры Chasovnia Chapei cave, музея деревянной 4) архитектуры и много других 5) интересных достопримечательностей. Большая часть прогулки довольно легка, но некоторые дороги требуют хорошего уровня 6) выносливости. Все проживание и питание включены в стоимость поездки, но мы рекомендуем вам взять с собой небольшой 7) подбор ваших любимых «вкусностей» на те случаи, когда вам захочется что-нибудь погрызть.

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Fill in the gaps with past/present participles formed from the words in bold. 1 imagine how exciting it would be to visit the rio carnival. 2 it was a really boring party. no one liked it.

1) Complete the sentences with the correct present forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 Mark is tired. He has been working since morning.

2 We don’t believe in ghosts.

3 The meeting starts at 9 am so let’s hurry.

4 They haven’t seen a firework s display before.

5 These flowers smell nice and sweet.

2) Fill the gaps with past/present participles formed from words in bold.

1 Everyone liked the party. It wasn’t boring.

2 It would be so exciting to visit Paris.

3 That smell is really annoying.

4 No one was thrilled. The party wasn’t a success.

5 She always feels surprised at how fast The New Year comes around each year.

3) Complete the sentences with the correct relative (who, whose, when, that, where, which etc.)

1 May 1st, when the May Festival takes place, is his birthday.

2 Nick, whose favourite food is sandwiches, really likes picnics.

3 Moscow, where lots of events are held every year, is the capital of Russia.

4 Tom, who lives in the flat bellow, is a waiter.

5 They like holidays which last for a few days.

4) Fill in off, back, up, down, into:

1. There was a traffic jam on the road so we decided to turn back.

2. She was offered a new job but she turned down the offer.

3. He managed to turn their words into joke.

4. Turn off the radio. It disturbs me.

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5. My brother turned up unexpectedly early in the morning.

6. Turn down the TV. I can’t hear what they’re saying.

Read the sentence and fill in the gap with the correct form of the verb in the past simple or — школьные

Примечание: в ответе нужно записать только форму глагола.

Example: We _________(visit) Milan last week.
Answer: visited

1. The students ______________ (play) cards all day.
2. Sally ____________ (buy) a new computer three days ago.
3. I ____________ (sleep) at 11 o’clock last night.

Помогите пожалуйста (-ed, -ing)!!!! form participles (-ed, -ing) from the following words and — школьные

Kevin: (1) Did you enjoy / Were you enjoying the party on
Saturday, Rachel?
Rachel: Yes, I did! It was a great party. When I arrived at 9 pm,
the DJ (

2) played / was playing fantastic music and
everyone (3) was dancing / danced already. It’s a
weren’t there.
Kevin: I know, but I had homework to do. So while you were
having fun, I (4) studied / was studying in my room!
That’s OK, though, because I (5) was going / went
to the cinema on Sunday and I (6) was watching/
watched a good film.
Rachel: Oh, what film (7) were you seeing / did
Kevin: It was a comedy. I liked it, but it was quite noisy
because the audience (8) used to laugh / was laughing
throughout the whole film.
Rachel: That’s good. (9) Was it showing / Did it show at the
cinema near your house?
Kevin: No, we (10) drove / were driving across town to the
other cinema. It’s a better cinema anyway. The chairs
are more comfortable.
Rachel: Well, I’m glad your weekend wasn’t completely
boring! See you in class later.
you see?

Дополнительно про Kia

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