P0880 to ceed


Checking the technical condition of terminals and connectors

Many failures in the electrical system are
caused by faulty wiring harnesses and terminals. Besides,
failures may be caused by interference from other electrical
systems, as well as mechanical and chemical damage.

Carefully check the connectors for
loose or unreliable connections, as well as the presence of bent
contacts, corrosion, contamination, wear or damage.

Is there any malfunction detected?

? Repair if necessary, then
go to the “Vehicle Check After Repair” procedure.

? Go to the procedure “Checking the technical
signal circuit status”.


Ignition ON and engine NOT

Disconnect the PCM/BUT connector.

Measure the distance between pins 12 and 27
PCM/BUT harness connector.

Regulation requirement: Approx. 120 Ohm

Whether the measured resistance matches

? Substitute with a known-good PCM / PCM
TCM and perform a function test. If the malfunction
resolved, replace the PCM/TCM, and then go to
procedure “Vehicle check after repair”.

On 05/27/2019 at 22:25, Vlad my name is said:

Power was lost on contacts 1 and 2 More precisely, it was then it wasn’t

Strange. faced the same problem. Kia Cerato 1.6 2013. Food is in place, does not disappear. In turn, I took it out of the connector 1 and 2 – no errors at all. In the block, these pins, like 4 with 5, are connected. Those. loss of mass, or power on one of the wires, will not give problems. But after various checks, the error is gone and does not appear. If you remove the fuse, or remove both wires from the connector, then the unit does not communicate at all. As with the loss of power from pin 3 (cl15). The only jamb found was rotten pin 3 in the valve block connector, but it is on the output shaft frequency sensor. G DS on this error recommends checking only the integrity of the wires from the TCM to the valve block and the power supply on pins 5 and 10. But when the connector is disconnected, power is supplied for a short time and immediately errors on the breakage of all valves. In general, as I understand it, this error appears if the unit does not see power on the valve block, which may be due to either a short circuit in the valve supply to ground or an internal malfunction of the computer. Alternatively, water / greens in the valve block connector, which shunts power to ground.

Just now, Lenid said:

Trouble Code P0880 sounds like “Transmission Control Module (TCM) Power Input Malfunction”. Often, in programs that work with an OBD-2 scanner, the name may have the English spelling “TCM Power Input Signal Malfunction”.

If your OBD-II equipped vehicle has stored code P0880, the PCM has detected a problem in the power input circuit. The error is accompanied by a lit lamp on the instrument panel.

P0880 to ceed

In most cases, the TCM module is integrated into a single housing with the PCM. However, the part of the module that controls the automatic transmission function can be powered separately.

The TCM normally only receives power when the ignition switch is on, cranking, or running. This circuit is equipped with a fuse, fuse or relay. Often the PCM and TCM are powered by the same relay, albeit on separate circuits.

Electronic transmission control systems in OBD-II equipped vehicles are controlled by a network of computers called control modules. This involves constant communication between the various control modules via a controller network (CAN).

Each time the engine is started, the PCM performs a self-test of all the controllers. If normal voltage input signal is not detected. Code P0880 will be stored and the MIL may come on.

In some models, the transmission controller can put the operation into emergency mode. That is, the trip will be available only in 2-3 gears.

Malfunction symptoms

The main symptom of P0880 for the driver is the MIL (malfunction indicator light). It is also called Check engine or simply “check is on”.

They can also appear as:

DTC P0880 is considered severe as the transmission may be running in emergency mode, making the vehicle barely drivable. For this reason, this error should be fixed as soon as possible.

Error causes

Code P0880 may indicate that one or more of the following problems have occurred:

How to troubleshoot or reset the P0880 trouble code

Some suggested steps to troubleshoot and fix error code P0880:

Diagnosis and problem solving

To exclude all variants of the P0880 error, you should visually inspect the wiring, check the voltage on the battery. It is also necessary to check the battery terminals and cables for loose connections.

Making sure that the system voltage matches the value specified in the manual. The charging system is fully operational, the battery is healthy and in good condition, start the diagnostic procedure.

Locate the starting point of the TCM power circuit. This is usually the ignition switch, so use a digital multimeter to check for voltage on this wire or terminal. Compare the reading obtained with the value given in the manual and, if necessary, correct if deviation is found.

If the code is stored but the power supply to and from the ignition switch is within the specified range. Note and test the power supply to the fuse box and then to the TCM connector. If deviations are found, make the necessary repairs. To ensure that all electrical parameters comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.

The steps above will resolve P0880, but in some cases where the cause is not obvious, an intermittent fault may be present. Also, if the TCM is already damaged, it may need to be repaired by a specialist workshop.

Which cars are more likely to have this problem

The problem with the P0880 code can occur on various cars, but there are always statistics on which brands this error occurs more often. Here is a list of some of them:

Other errors can sometimes be found with DTC P0880. The most common are: P0881, P0882, P0883, P0884, P0885, P0886, P0887, P0888, P0889, P0890, P0891, P0892.

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Error description P0080
Unlike existing systems with a fixed camshaft phase angle, the variable valve timing system allows you to best adjust this phase angle to engine operating conditions. This system requires the operating pressure of the engine oil to function. The CVVT system consists of an oil regulator (OCV) and a camshaft rotation actuator. An oil regulator (OCV) mounted in the cylinder head controls the flow and direction of oil flow to the camshaft actuator via a solenoid valve. The actuator, under the influence of pressure and flow rate of the oil supplied by the regulator, forcibly turns the camshaft in the direction of its rotation (advance intake/exhaust) or against it (retarding intake/advance exhaust), thereby changing the phase angle. The CVVT system allows you to increase engine power, reduce fuel consumption and improve the composition of the exhaust gases. When a short to power is detected in the oil regulator (OCV) control circuit, the ECM sets code P0080.

Possible cause of error P0080
Bad contact
Short to battery in control circuit
OCV (release)

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