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DRIVENGE cruise control unit with integrated booster pedal is a kit for installation on cars with an electronic gas pedal. The main purpose of the BKK is to maintain a constant speed regardless of external circumstances – the slope of the road, wind, etc. The basis of the BKK is a high-speed microcontroller operating under the control of an internal microprogram (firmware). The device provides the ability to update the firmware when a new version appears with new features or with corrections of identified deficiencies.

An additional feature of “DRIVENGE” is a built-in booster pedal that changes the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal. This allows you to subjectively reduce the delay in response to pressing the accelerator, characteristic of many cars equipped with an electronic gas pedal, and (just as subjectively) increase the dynamics of the car. One of the booster pedal modes, on the contrary, reduces the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal and reduces dynamics, which is useful in winter to reduce the possibility of slipping, as well as to save fuel.

The booster pedal has three operating modes: “Economy”, “Dynamics” and “Sport”. In the “Economy” mode, the sensitivity of the gas pedal is reduced, this mode is designed for economical driving and reducing the likelihood of slipping on slippery roads when starting off. The “Dynamics” mode increases the sensitivity of the gas pedal. In this mode, a subjective feeling of increased vehicle dynamics appears and the effect of a delay in response to the gas pedal is somewhat reduced. The “Sport” mode gives the maximum sensitivity of the gas pedal. It is similar to the Dynamic mode, but has a cooler characteristic.


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Recently, cruise control has become a real helper for motorists who travel on highways for a long time. Not for nothing, this option is installed on all premium cars. Cruise control significantly increases the level of comfort in the car, every driver can remember more than one situation when, from constantly pressing the pedal, his leg became numb, from a constantly unchanged position, his back and neck started to hurt

One factor in installing cruise control is economy. The reduction in fuel consumption is due to the constant presence of the throttle valve in one position. By controlling the gas pedal on your own, the car is much more likely to be in the acceleration-rolling mode, this can increase fuel consumption by up to 10-15%

Cruise control is suitable not only for experienced drivers who want to make as few unnecessary movements as possible on the road, devoting more time to the road, but also for novice car owners who prioritize active movement

Another advantage of this cruise control is the pedal booster function. This program function allows you to set one of three preset modes:

Device control is similar to regular cruises. Switching on is done with a single button, off with the brake pedal or by pressing the button again

Cruise control model Drivenge Hyundai Grand Starex AT was created specifically for the model Hyundai Grand Starex. The device is completed in such a way that no intervention in the electronics and software part of the vehicle control units is required. All properties are achieved by accelerator pedal emulation

Cruise control kit for Grand Starex

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