Chitinous Carnival v0.3 Release!


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Enter a carnival like no other. Crawl the attractions, and win prizes. Everyone is sure to take home something!

Chitinous Carnival is an in-development fetish horror game centered around urethral play, infestation/parasitism, and other fetishes. Explore a mysterious carnival as you try to keep your sanity.   Or, maybe you are looking to lose it?

I’m currently working on expanding the game with new parasites and games to play. If you like CC and would like to help fund development, consider supporting me here on itch, or on Patreon for extra perks.

Web build runs in Firefox and Chrome-based browsers. Due to technical issues with loading, the web build has been disabled until future notice.


  • Temporarily Turning off Web Build Nov 29, 2021
  • New Chitinous Carnival Content Coming Soon Jul 05, 2021
  • Just a Few Small Things Mar 19, 2021
  • Chitinous Carnival Demo Released! Mar 01, 2021

If you like my work and would like to show support, Then join my Patreon! And enjoy access to early build,  weekly devlogs, and more!

Yo yo, it’s here a new release of Chitinous Carnival. The first thing I want to highlight is the save system. The save system will allow you to easily jump to sections you’d like to revisit. You can even load a save from the main menu. Currently, the save menu is very much “the bare minimum”. However, the next update will bring the ability to overwrite and delete saves within the game.

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Chitinous Carnival v0.3 Release!

Additionally, this update adds the final section to the introduction. This sequence is played after completing the funhouse. It replaces the message from me after completing that attraction. Furthermore, this sequence introductions a character you’ll see throughout the game.

Chitinous Carnival v0.3 Release!

Next, this build introduces a basic parasite system. This system lets you view how your parasites are developing. Additionally, parasites will start to affect your LUST state as you explore the carnival. The effect increases with the duration you’ve had them. Moreover, this also brings the ability to relieve yourself. The option becomes enabled after your LUST is greater than four and can trigger two new scenes depending on what you are infested with. For now, this system uses static images. However, I’m planning on implementing a new system that can handle parasites more dynamically. The reason for this is to support multiple parasites to the same body part.

Chitinous Carnival v0.3 Release!

Finally, I’ve implemented a scene for one of the parasite prizes in Chitinous Carnival. This prize can be won from the Quick Shot minigame when you score between 30-60 points. When you open your inventory, you’ll have the option to inspect a prize. Inspecting the Bag-O-Bugs when you’ve gone down the corruption paths will lead to the new scenes. For, now this is the only way to activate these items. However, in a future update, these items will activate themselves.

Chitinous Carnival v0.3 Release!

Chitinous Carnival v0.3 Release!

I think that covers everything in this update. I still have more work ahead of me to do on the underlying systems. But, working on new content should be easier from this point onwards. Additionally, I’d like to thank everyone that has been supporting me financially so far. This has basically been my full-time job. Job searching has been less than a fruitless process so far.

— Quan Zillan


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