CARNIVAL — перевод на русский c примерами предложений

2022 carnaval de nice event details

Event Type: Carnival / Festival

Frequency: Annual

Date: February 12 to 26, 2022

Time: Shows at 2:30pm and 9pm; see schedule above.

Cost: Parades cost between €5 and €40 (children under 5 are free). See rates here and book tickets here. Many of the events are free, but there are charges for the parades. For the best view of this perfume-filled, colorful extravaganza, buy a ticket for a seat in the stands or for the designated standing area along the road.

Website: Official Carnaval de Nice Website

Burning king carnival & fireworks

Since 1882, a giant ‘King’ has stood upon the royal float to signal the beginning of the festivities, an important moment during the Nice Carnival. Throughout the Carnival, the King remains in the Place Masséna, where all of the parades begin, overseeing the events.

Tens of thousands of revelers gather in Place Massena to escort the Carnival King to the sea. Loud music plays and there is dancing in the streets. Silly String and confetti fly everywhere (hopefully this part will change in the future as it’s terrible for sea life).

The giant King Carnival puppet is then set on fire, followed by an impressive fireworks display set to music over the Baie des Anges . Legend has it that by burning the King, he will then rise again next year from the ashes to reign once again during the Carnival.

  • 2022 Schedule:
    • Saturday, February 26 at 9pm (‘Incineration of the King’ / grand finale, with visual animations broadcast on large screens)

About Fireworks: As much as we want everyone to have fun at the Nice Carnival, we do not think that the noise from fireworks are a good thing, because fireworks are harmful to human health and very destructive to birds and wildlife.

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Carnaval de nice rules

The following items are not allowed within the Carnival perimeter: 

Wheelchairs and strollers/pushchairs are allowed.

There are no lockers available at the event and anything that is confiscated will not be returned. 

Nice carnaval’s history

The earliest record of the Nice Carnaval goes back to the Middle Ages. The year 1294, to be exact, where the Count of Provence created the “joyous days of carnival,” making the Nice Carnival the very-first carnival celebration.

Originally a pagan festival, “Carne levare, levamen” (“remove the flesh”) – the most common definition of Carnival – takes place before the Lent period, during the fat days (Mardi-gras). It is the last party before a period of abstinence and lean cooking, which therefore justifies all the excesses.

A committee was created in 1873, and in 1876 the first flower parade took place on Promenade des Anglais. Alphonse Karr came up with the concept for the first battle of flowers in 1876. This French writer of German origin, passionate about flowers and living in Nice, wanted a show where people could throw scent bouquets on their faces.

In 1876, Alphonse Karr and Andriot Saëtone created the first battle of flowers on the Promenade des Anglais. The masquerades, satire floats, and competitions followed.

It was during the Belle-Epoque that the Nice Carnival reached its peak: it was then the biggest carnival in the world.

The big carnival parade: ‘parada nissarda’

This is the big daytime parade. Roughly 20 floats, 50 giant puppets (with a new theme each year) and many musical bands from all around the world, parade down Nice’s streets, in a colorful and festive atmosphere. Floats and (frankly, inappropriate) burlesques parade, are accompanied by elements of animation, street art, and international musical groups.

  • 2022 Schedule:
    • Sunday, February 20 at 2:30pm
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The carnival’s battle-of-flowers parades

A carnival queen (elected by the festival committee) and her runners-up open each flower battle on her chariot. French and foreign musical groups join the parade and create the musical atmosphere.

Models, lavishly made up and dressed in gleaming costumes of feathers, sequins and rhinestones, throw bouquets of flowers (around 100,000 flowers, to be exact) to the public. The float decorations are made by hand, using petals of thousands of flowers, glued one by one, in the night and the morning before each “battle”. Beautiful, but like the burlesque show, it’s slightly sexist (all the models are female).

The battles (Bataille de Fleurs) began in 1856, specifically aimed to entertain the foreign visitors who were beginning to flock to the south of France. The parade gives tribute to the local flower producers. It highlights the diversity of flowers in the French Riviera as over 80% of the flowers are locally produced.

  • 2022 Schedules:
    • Saturday, February 12 at 2:30pm
    • Wednesday, February 16 at 2:30pm
    • Saturday, February 19 at 2:30pm
    • Wednesday, February 23 at 2:30pm
    • Saturday, February 26 at 2:30pm

The carnival’s lights parade

The Nice Carnival Parade of Lights event is an unparalleled visual display. All floats light-up in the evening and cast incredible moving lights in the heart of the City of Nice.

  • 2022 Schedules:
    • Saturday, February 12 at 9pm
    • Tuesday, February 15 at 9pm
    • Saturday, February 19 at 9pm
    • Tuesday, February 24 at 9pm
    • Saturday, February 26 at 9pm (‘Incineration of the King’ / grand finale, with visual animations broadcast on large screens)

Карта слов и выражений английского языка

Показать ещё примеры для «карнавал»…

Показать ещё примеры для «на ярмарке»…

Показать ещё примеры для «карнавальный»…

Well, twenty years of changing nappies, feeding, hiding Easter eggs, buying Christmas presents, baking birthday cakes, sewing carnival costumes, taking photos, going on holiday, blowing up dinghies.

Ну, за двадцать лет я меняла ей подгузники, кормила, красила пасхальные яйца, покупала Рождественские подарки, пекла торты ко Дню Рождения, шила карнавальные костюмы, делала фотографии, проводила каникулы, взрывала шлюпки.

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Показать ещё примеры для «цирке»…

Показать ещё примеры для «на аттракционах»…

Показать ещё примеры для «праздник»…

Показать ещё примеры для «ярмарочный»…

Показать ещё примеры для «парк развлечений»…

Подразделения carnival объявили о возобновлении круизов этим летом

Рейсы будут осуществляться с ограниченным числом пассажиров. Ранее о рестарте плаваний объявил норвежский оператор трансатлантических и круизных маршрутов Norwegian Cruise Line

Семь брендов Carnival — AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Seabourn и P&O Cruises — объявили о возобновлении круизов в Европе и Карибском бассейне этим летом. Акции компании снижаются на 0,11%, до $27,17 по состоянию на 21:38 мск.

В совокупности бренды, возобновляющие круизы, будут предоставлять ограниченные маршруты на 16 судах, что составляет почти 20% всего флота компании. Первые круизы будут проходить с ограниченным количеством пассажиров и повышенной ковид-безопасностью. Данные требования были разработаны правительством и органами здравоохранения, а также при участии экспертов самой Carnival.

Три бренда Carnival — P&O Cruises, Cunard и Princess Cruises — этим летом предложат серию круизов по прибрежным водам Великобритании. Круизы также возобновятся по греческим островам.

В конце марта немецкая AIDA Cruises возобновила плавание на Канарских островах, а итальянское подразделение Costa Cruises стало проводить круизы в мае.

Ранее о возобновлении круизов заявила норвежская Norwegian Cruise Line. Компания отметила, что ввела требование обязательной вакцинации для пассажиров и членов экипажа, и это является достаточной мерой предосторожности против распространения коронавируса.

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