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Carnival in rio de janeiro | карнавал в рио | wantsee

В принципе, можно прекрасно провести время и без Самбодрома, не покупая билеты на официальную часть. Надо только хорошо знать язык или иметь нескольких хороших друзей в Рио с которыми не страшно окунуться в праздничную суету города.

Во время подготовки к карнавалу и “официальному” параду по всему городу можно найти интересные мероприятия. Да, они бывает лишены показного шарма и лоска, но это делает их только более “живыми” и более близкими.

Небольшой музей карнавала в “Sambadrome” (wiki), открыт для посетителей в течение всего года, рассказывает о традициях и подробностях проведения карнавала.

Если любите карнавалы, то обратите внимание на, возможно, даже более интересный *Bahian Carnival в городе Салвадор (*Salvador, Bahia), также считающимся одним из самым большим уличным карнавалов.

Учтите Карнавал в Рио очень повышает приток туристов и возникает острая нехватка мест в гостиницах и, как следствие, рост цен на жилье. Многие Кариоки (Cariocas – жители Рио) уезжают на время карнавала из города, чтобы спокойно провести время с семьей, подальше от сумасшествия.

Покупайте билеты сразу же, как только это будет возможно. Хорошо просмотрите программу и выберите мероприятия которые хотите посетить, ну и конечно же заранее купите билеты на самбодром.

Будьте осторожны, воровство расцветает, карманники слетаются на карнавал со всей Бразилии.

Метро не будет работать с вечера. Договоритесь о такси заранее в отеле или будьте готовы к пешей прогулке.

Более подробную информацию о городе и транспорте смотрите на странице о Рио.


A time when you can wander the streets wearing as much or as little as you wish. When it’s socially acceptable to kiss a stranger you met just a few minutes before. 

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Rio Carnival is the biggest street party on the planet and it’s a time when social norms are forgotten and people really let loose. 

But the biggest party on the planet doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It’s entirely possible to enjoy Rio Carnival on a budget.

Dating back to the 19th century, Carnival is a mix of European Masquerade Balls and African tribal traditions. Paying homage to their gods, the African slaves would dress in elaborate masks, decorated with feathers, bones and paint to re-enact their religious stories and ward off bad spirits.

The origins of the word Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) come from the Catholic expression ‘Carne Vale’, or ‘Goodbye to meat’. It was the last time to stuff your face and indulge before the 40 days of Lent. 

Facts and stats about rio carnival

Rio Carnival is officially the biggest Carnival in the world.

Apart from the epic Samba School dance-off showdown in the Sambódromo (a custom-built stadium), there are also over 500 street performances (or blocos) spread all over the city (mostly free).

Rio isn’t the only city partying. There are huge carnivals all over Brazil in Sao Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Manaus, etc.

Two million people take to the streets each day.

An estimated 400 million liters of beer are consumed across the whole of Brazil during Carnival.

The local economy will receive over R$3 billion ($8 million US) over the festive period.

Practical advice for rio carnival on a budget

The official Rio Carnival App (available on Android and iOS) is a good start. 

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It (allegedly) features a list of all the registered street performances, or blocos, as well as their locations and times. I say ‘allegedly’ because I wandered across plenty more performances that weren’t on the schedule, and also got to some that had previously been cancelled.

While i never partied like a rockstar, i learnt that it’s entirely possible to enjoy rio carnival on a budget and still have an amazing time.

Carnival is a spectacular event. There are lots of flaws and areas for improvement, but as far as events go… it’s unforgettable. Even if you’re prepared for the noise, the smell, the heat and the general madness, it would be a miracle if you didn’t feel overwhelmed.

Two million people wandering the streets from party to party, most of them dressed as superheroes, fairies, Egyptians, angels and demons… if you can imagine it, someone was probably dressed as it.

If there is a costume for everyone, there is certainly music for everyone. 

Do you like Samba, Rock, Pop, Marchinha, African Rhythm,  Maracatu? Do you want to dance along with a live band as they wander through the streets of Rio — an excellent way of seeing much more of the city (Bloco do Boitata)? Stand like sardines surrounded by one and a half million other people (Bloco da Bola Preta)? Or sit in a bar with a cold drink listening to rock classics with a Brazilian twist (Bloco Cru)? 

Whatever your desire (and energy level), you’ll find it at Rio Carnival.

2021 had temperatures hot enough to overheat and shut down my camera, and 2021 saw my girlfriend struggling to get back home due to flooded streets and knee-high water. 

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When you’re preparing for Carnival, prepare for anything. 

The drainage system in Rio is terrible, so if it’s heavy rain you can expect some flooding. Check the weather forecast before heading out as it’s entirely possible to get stranded and have to wait out the rain, which is neither pleasant nor entirely safe.

Of all the forecasts, I’d recommend WindGuru. It’s the most accurate predictor I’ve used, and a favorite of surfers and water sports fanatics.

It’s cheaper to bring your own food and drink, but difficult to keep things refrigerated if it’s a particularly hot day. You’ll find people wandering the streets selling all kinds of things, from cakes to sandwiches to beer to single shots of tequila.

As a rule, they’re usually fairly cheap and trustworthy, but I would strongly recommend you avoid the tequila, the catuaba (tastes nice/makes you crazy) and anyone selling a caipirinha for R$5. The saying «cheap and cheerful» does not apply to street alcohol.

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