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Cruise to Europe with Carnival Cruise Lines for a vacation filled with interesting people, delicious cuisine, and a whole lot of culture. Discover castles, palaces, and a rich history that has influenced Europe’s current culture. Learn dances to new and intriguing music, culinary techniques from the world’s finest chefs, and inspire yourself with fine art. Become a wine connoisseur in Bordeaux or a race car enthusiast in Monaco. When you cruise to Europe with Carnival Cruise Lines, you’ll find yourself wishing for a permanent European residence.

Countries like Greece, Italy, Croatia Spain and France are filled with culture, passion and unbelievable food. Explore ancient ruins in the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey, marvel at Renaissance-era artwork in Florence, walk through the streets of Old Town in Dubrovnik and more. Experience there rich traditions on a Carnival cruise to Europe, where new discoveries greet you at every Old World port along the way. Featured below are just a handful of our most recommended things to do when cruising to Europe with Carnival Cruise Lines:

Carnival king of europe

This is the project’s official website and it aims at bringing together:
• a new perspective on Carnival as a discrete European cultural phenomenon,
• resources on Carnival studies, insofar as books, films, links, events are concerned,
• facts & events about the project’s progress.

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In short, this is our case. A number of very specific ethnographic instances from the Balkans to Iberia, passing through Central Europe, the Alps and the whole of the Italian peninsula, put in evidence some striking similarities in the winter masquerades which are meant to foster the onset of the new agrarian year.

Among these, there are the sudden appearance of stocky masked mummers girdled by cowbells, often followed by slender white dancers wearing tall conical caps, the representation of a mock nuptial cortege in conjunction with the ritual ploughing of the village square, the invasion of a crowd of assorted burlesque characters, and finally, the trial and sentencing to death of a pivotal figure, often identified with “Carnival” itself…

At present, no single, synthetic explanation is given by ethnologists and/or culture historians as to the widespread diffusion of such occurrences all over the continent. Yet, all available evidence seems to point at the fact this particular set of rituals can be situated very close to the core of European culture, at least as far as its original agrarian setting is concerned.

In this restricted, paradoxical sense, “Carnival” can be taken to be one of the longest standing “kings of Europe”, one in which European cultural identity can mirror and recognize itself.

Тур «феерия карнавалов. шесть знаменитых карнавалов европы»

Иврея «Битва апельсинов»: Стоячие места, бесплатно

Ницца «Парад света»: Место на трибуне, входной билет

Ницца «Парад цветов» вечер: Стоячие места, входной билет

Ментон «Парад фруктов»: Стоячие места, входной билет

2) Пакет билетов №2 (стоячие/сидячие места) включено:

Иврея «Битва апельсинов»: Стоячие места, бесплатно

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Ницца «Парад света»: Место на трибуне, входной билет

Ницца «Парад цветов» вечер: Место на трибуне, входной билет

Ментон «Парад фруктов»: Место на трибуне, входной билет

(*) – Таким знаком отмечены мероприятия, которые оплачивается по желанию (стоимость для взрослого /ребенка до 18 лет), при условии набора необходимого количества участников от 15 чел.).

Допускаются изменения порядка мероприятий, графика движения, поздние прибытия, сокращение времени пребывания в городах и в отелях в связи с задержками на границе, тяжелой транспортной ситуацией, погодными условиями, с изменениями городов, времени вылета/прилета и другим. В случае изменения времени вылета из Москвы/в Москву возможно изменение программы первого и последнего дней тура.

Указанные в программе тура расстояния являются приблизительными.

Предусмотрите дополнительные расходы на питание от 30 у.е. / день и на экскурсии, для туров по Скандинавии, Великобритании и Швейцарии на питание от 40 у.е. / день и на экскурсии.

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