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carnival: translationSynonyms and related words:Broadway, Mardi Gras, Saturnalia, banquet, blowout, burlesque, burlesque show, circus, coochie show, do… смотреть

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carnival: translation

Synonyms and related words:

Broadway, Mardi Gras, Saturnalia, banquet, blowout, burlesque, burlesque show, circus, coochie show, do, drama, entertainment industry, fair, fantoccini, feast, festival, festive occasion, festivity, fete, field day, fiesta, floor show, gala, gala affair, gala day, galanty show, girly show, great doings, high jinks, hootchy-kootchy show, jamboree, kermis, leg show, legit, legitimate stage, light show, magic show, off Broadway, off-off-Broadway, ombres chinoises, party, peep show, picnic, playland, puppet show, raree-show, rep show, repertory drama, repertory show, rodeo, shadow show, show biz, show business, sideshow, stage world, stagedom, stageland, stock, strawhat, strawhat circuit, summer stock, the big top, the boards, the footlights, the scenes, the stage, the theater, theater world, theatromania, theatrophobia, variety, variety show, vaudeville, vaudeville show, waygoose, wayzgoose

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International Street Theater Festival in Athens (featuring actors, jugglers, mimes, stilts, dancers, and clowns), Water City (family water park


located nearby the coastal village

Hani Kokini), the PatrasCarnival(starting annually on […]

January 17 with 160 year history,


bright costumes, and numerous parades), jeep safari, diving.
Международный Фестиваль уличных театров в Афинах (с участием актеров, жонглеров, мимов, артистов на ходулях,


танцоров и клоунов), аквапарк “Water

City” (возле прибрежного поселка Хани-Кокини), карнавал […]

в Патре (начинается каждый год


17 января и отличителен 160-годовой историей, яркими нарядами и множеством парадов), сафари на джипах, дайвинг.

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Hasl, an indefatigable organiser of Kurentovanje from its beginnings until the 1970s, was strongly convinced that this event could help prevent what he saw as the extremely rapid disappearance of carnival habits and traditional customs in surrounding villages.

Карнавал – translation into english – examples russian | reverso context


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