2021 Kia Sorento Prime


5 and 7-seat interior layout

Drive Wise Safety Systems

Kia Sorento

Progressive and versatile

Continuing the tradition of uncompromising reliability, practicality and versatility, the Kia Sorento offers improved safety and impressive handling. Elegant, spacious and versatile, it will amaze you with its level of technology and comfort. Not to mention driving pleasure.

New facets of perfection

The design of the Kia Sorento is a reflection of its functionality and innovation. Aerodynamic design, elegant profile line, striking grille, LED headlights and stylish alloy wheels – every detail forms a solid and masculine image of this car.

Combination of technology and design solutions

The need to constantly monitor the endless flow of information requires competent prioritization. The Kia Sorento takes care of that by providing you with just the information you need in a convenient way and keeping distractions to a minimum.

A car designed for your comfort

Guarding your safety

Using the latest technology, Kia Sorento will keep you informed about the situation on the road and warn you in advance of possible obstacles. Drive Wise’s intelligent safety and driver assistance systems intervene just when they can help prevent a collision and keep you and other road users safe.

Space for big adventures

Balance of drive and economy

Stay connected to your car with Kia Connect services. The application and on-board services will allow you to remotely activate various functions of the car and receive up-to-date information about its condition at any time.

Feature Overview (PDF)

Conquering roads and peaks

Agile and responsive to drive, the Kia Sorento offers a choice of powerful and economical engines.

2.5 Smartstream MPI, petrol

2.2 Smartstream CRDI Diesel

3.5 Smartstream MPI, petrol

Maximum Torque

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h with (minimum value for this engine)

Robotic transmission 8DCT

The Smartstream 8DCT Dual Clutch Wet Transmission helps you avoid overheating under extreme loads, shift quickly and accurately for superb acceleration, smooth low speed operation and amazing fuel efficiency. Open the world of progressive technologies, drive and unique driving sensations!

Warranty and service

Kia vehicles are manufactured to the highest standards of the automotive industry. It is this exceptional quality that allows Kia to offer a unique warranty.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

Engine and transmission

2.5 MPI / 179 HP / Petrol / Automatic / Front wheel drive

17″ alloy wheels with 235/65 R17 tires

Multimedia 8” with 6 speakers, Apple Carplay and Android Auto

5 seats, 2 rows of seats

10-way power driver’s seat with lumbar support adjustment

Separate climate control for driver and front passenger

Rear view camera

2.5 MPI / 179 HP / Petrol / Automatic / Four-wheel drive

Front parking sensors

Full size alloy spare wheel

Electric child lock

Power folding side mirrors

Roof rails

2.2 CRDi / 199 HP / Diesel / Robot / Four-wheel drive

3.5 MPI / 249 HP / Petrol / Automatic / Four-wheel drive

18″ alloy wheels with 235/60 R18 tires

Intelligent power trunk release

Smart Key system and push button start

Remote key start

Combination leather seats*

Tinted windows of the rear doors and glass of the fifth door

10.25” navigation system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto support

11-speaker Bose premium audio system with subwoofer and external amplifier

7 seats, 3 rows of seats

Decorative interior lighting

Wireless charger for mobile devices

Projection LED Headlights

19″ alloy wheels with 235/55 R19 tires

Front Collision Avoidance (FCA) (Recognition Level: Car/Pedestrian)

Cameras displaying blind spots on the instrument panel (BVM)

Supervision 12.3″ Digital Instrumentation

Panoramic roof and power sunroof

Metal pedals

Black roof rails

Black window moldings

Black decorative element on the wing

20″ alloy wheels with 255/45 R20 tires

Intelligent Remote Parking System (RSPA)

Nappa* Premium Leather Combination Seats (Brown)

Electronic transmission selector (Shift by Wire)

Head-up display on the windshield

2.5 / 179 l. c. / Petrol, Automatic / Front

2.5 / 179 l. c. / Petrol, Automatic / Full

2.2 / 199 l. c. / Diesel, Robot / Complete

3.5 / 249 l. c. / Petrol, Automatic / Full

Special offers and prices

Security and technology

Warm Options Package

D251 / D272

D252 / D273






CO2 emissions

4810 / 1900 / 1690

Engine and transmission

Petrol, AI 95


Electric Power Steering


325 × 30

325 × 20

Dynamic characteristics

From Vladivostok and Far Eastern ports to Moscow, Russian regions and back8800-500-0936 www.gs25.ru

withdrawn from sale

Kia Sorento, 2021

2.2D DCT 4WD Gravity

2.2 l (202 hp), 25,000 km

2.5 L (180 HP), 47,686 km2.2 L (199 HP), 60,532 km2.5 L (281 HP), 3,920 km

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In mid-October, Russian dealers will have a new generation Kia Sorento, which will replace the Sorento Prime model, which has lived for six years, as well as the “just” Sorento, produced since 2010. Representatives of the Korean brand compare the new product not only with such best-selling D-class crossovers as the X-Trail, Outlander and Kodiaq, but also with higher-ranking cars like Murano, Highlander and CX-9. Isn’t it too strong a statement? Drome visited the first test of new items.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

About the new Sorento, its creators say that according to their idea, the owner of this car is a middle-aged man who wants something progressive and more or less status. Of course, he takes his family, but more often he travels alone. And on the same crossover, he rides with friends. And what he needs is not a minivan, featureless four-wheeled capsule to get people from point A to point B, but something with a certain character. And I understand it.

It remains to check whether the Koreans understood him well.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

It seems that Kia has seriously decided to dispel the melancholy in the camp of SUVs. In the compact class, the Seltos, which appeared in the spring, is already doing this – the most avant-garde model in terms of style among competitors. Now it’s the Sorento’s turn. He came out a little more restrained than his younger brother, but the “image makers” also seriously worked on him in the same vein. Instead of the former soft and rounded shapes, there are sharp edges and unfeminine lines. And a lot of catchy details. “Foglights” – not round, not square, but in the form of four strips, pointed towards each other. Behind – a kind of imitation of a sports exhaust, divorced on two sides. This is now found on a wide variety of cars, including a restyled Rio, and often looks ridiculous. But in the case of the Sorento, those silvery squiggles don’t really try so hard to look like exhaust pipes. Rather, it just looks like a design element with some reference to the sport.

Sorento switched to the N3 platform, which created the K5 sedan, which replaced the Optima, as well as the current generation Hyundai Sonata. Dimensions in comparison with the previous generation have increased by only a centimeter in each direction, but the base has grown by 3.5 cm, and the overhangs have decreased

Representatives of Kia emphasize that they were not afraid to introduce bright and saturated colors into the range, which is not very typical for this class. There are ten shades in total, three of them are new: red, brown and blue (as on the tested diesel version, which you see in a good half of the photo). Against this background, it is strange that there is no choice of interior color: the interior can only be black. Some alternative will appear later, but so far there are not even pictures of it.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

To our questions about why it was decided to bet on the “robot”, representatives of Kia answer that the demand for this transmission is growing: in the segment of D-class crossovers, it already accounts for 18%. “Automatic” is popular, but its share is no longer the largest – only 34%. The sales leader is a variator, it has 40%. Here, of course, one can argue that a continuously variable transmission is taken due to the lack of choice in many brands. But we have what we have. By the way, the “mechanics” in this segment is still alive – 8% of sales, despite the fact that for many models it is not offered in principle.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

The transmission selector washer is a privilege of the older trim levels, which come only with a “robot” and a diesel engine. On other versions – a more familiar lever

To dispel doubts about reliability, Kia employees note that the “robot” is designed to work with powerful engines that develop more than 350 Nm of torque. And the wet clutch design delivers 58% more power than dry clutch units. Plus, there is a system of protection against overheating. A separate pump for lubrication and cooling discs prevents overheating under extreme loads.

As for the aluminum diesel engine, Kia claims that this new generation unit is a much more advanced development than before. But look at the technical specifications, and what do we see? Power and torque figures have not changed at all compared to the same engine on the outgoing Sorento Prime. Then why was it necessary to invest in the development of a new diesel engine at all? I asked this question at a press conference, and I was told that this is primarily in order to fit into the increasingly stringent global standards for emissions of harmful substances. Well, along the way, fuel consumption has decreased: if with the previous diesel engine the car consumed 7.4 l / 100 km in the combined cycle, now the declared consumption is 6.1. In addition, they say, the temperature balance of the engine has improved.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

An alternative to diesel was a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline “aspirated” with distributed injection (180 hp), combined with a 6-speed “automatic”, like the Hyundai Sonata. There is more confidence in this bundle, but, firstly, older configurations are not available with it, in which, in fact, all the most interesting of the new equipment is collected. And secondly, it would be nicer to get a more modern combination, which is already on the K5 – 2.5 platform sedan (194 hp) with combined injection and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

One gets the feeling that Kia deliberately decided to lower the rank of this petrol version so that the top modification with a petrol V6 3.5 (249 hp) looked more cool against its background. But here’s the problem: with the change of generations, such a motor disappeared from the Sorento range. Bye. We are promised that it will reappear, and the new crossover with it has even already passed Russian certification, but the dates are not called.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

I was the first to test the petrol version. Gas to the floor, the engine roared very loudly and not too harmoniously, but at the same time, a jerk forward does not at all correspond to such a cry. And I, without looking at the characteristics, say to a colleague sitting next to me: 10 seconds to “hundreds”. As it turned out later, I even embellished the reality a little: according to my passport – 10.3. If you decide to compete on the road with the Rio 1.6 on the “mechanics”, then the Sorento, which costs three times as much, will not demonstrate any advantage. According to the factory data, they have identical dynamics.

In general, it’s better to stop stomping on the gas until the kickdown and just go with the speed of the flow, only occasionally making calm overtaking. In this case, the box, at any convenient opportunity, pokes up an overdrive so that the speed drops to 2000, and here the Sorento opens up in a new way. It is very quiet in it. The Koreans took into account customer complaints and took up soundproofing more seriously than before. For example, there is a three-layer windshield and front side windows.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

The diesel version was more pleased with the dynamics due to the additional 19 hp, but primarily due to the huge difference in torque, which is almost twice as much here: 440 versus 232 Nm. Acceleration to “hundreds” – 9.2 seconds, that’s something. And at high speeds, the voice of this unit is more harmonious. But at low motor is also always audible. For me, this “gasoline silence” creates a more solid atmosphere.

By the way, in the top itself (that is, only on a diesel engine) there is another electric amplifier: placed not on a shaft, but on a rail. Why it was necessary to apply two different solutions is not entirely clear. Kia employees with whom I spoke say that buyers of less expensive versions are not so demanding, but on older modifications, a rail-mounted amplifier is what the consumer needs. Sounds a little dubious, since the rail-mounted amplifier is quite common these days and on inexpensive models.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

It is worth noting that the steering and chassis settings are such that unnecessary shocks are not transmitted to the steering wheel, but the steering information content is normal. When driving on cobblestones with waves, the steering wheel did not beat on the hands and did not shy away from side to side. Only a slight high-frequency vibration from the cobblestones. When you need to drive a small step at the exit from the road to the adjacent territory, only a push in the suspension is felt, but the steering is calm. This complements the atmosphere of a decent, expensive crossover in a good way.

Steering force, as well as throttle response, as well as the nature of the transmission, depend on the position of the driving mode selector. In asphalt settings, there is more effort and information on the steering wheel, and in off-road modes it is lighter and more viscous. We will get to them.

Korean cars have been criticized more than once for a harsh and uncomfortable chassis, but I didn’t notice any problems with Sorento in this regard. Rigidity is moderate.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

There are a lot of good decisions here. The center console is organized with imagination. Some of the buttons have become touch-sensitive, but the most important ones are metal, pleasant to the touch and design. Or take, for example, “two-story” air ducts, which allow you to direct the upper and lower sections in different ways. Maybe in real long-term operation this will not manifest itself, but according to first impressions, it is at least unusual.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

On the second row (when it was moved all the way back), I easily sat cross-legged, put the laptop on my knees, and its lid, even in the extreme position, not only did not rest against the back of the front seat, but even retained room for maneuver. Yes, the front seat was adjusted for not the tallest passenger, and yet. Anyone who’s tried using a computer on an airplane knows the pain: it’s okay to keep your laptop open unless you’re in business class, of course.

And if desired, the rear passenger can move the right front seat from its seat and tilt its back all the way forward – just like in executive sedans.

So, here is a perfectly normal workplace. In our time, when remote work is becoming more common, this is relevant. And for second-row passengers, there are as many as four USBs, three more in front and two on the third row. Super!

The back of the second row can be folded to a comfortable angle, there are convenient cup holders in the door armrests, and two more in the central armrest. There are curtains on the windows. In general, you can not just drive here, you can live here in a certain sense. You can’t say that about every D-class sedan when it comes to the rear sofa.

The third row appears starting from the fourth configuration (Prestige), and, of course, I also sat on it. It’s good that the second row seat can now be quickly folded with one button, and climbing back is not as painful as in some other models. If after that you raise the second row, but leave it in a position shifted all the way forward, then you can feel quite good in the back with a height of up to 175-178 cm. The legs, of course, are tucked in, but there is still room for the knees. It also has its own air conditioner.

Visibility in the third row is, of course, very limited. The feeling that you are going in the trunk does not disappear. But you can drive 100 kilometers like that.

The downside, of course, is that in this situation (when the second row is moved forward to the limit), only miniature ladies can be put on it. But if you do not move it, then the third row is more suitable only for installing child seats. And the Isofix system appeared there, which is logical.

By the way, when folded, the third row forms a flat surface in the trunk, covered with a fleecy floor. You might not even guess that there are two more chairs. Just a normal trunk. Of course, if the interior is five-seater, then there is more space here, but there were no such cars on the test, so it is possible to estimate the additional volume only theoretically so far – see the characteristics.

Recently, speaking about almost any novelty, we pay a lot of attention to the “multimedia”. It seems that all brands have already mastered Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can not mention it once again. But no, there are differences. In the case of Sorento, owners of Android devices are not very lucky: the picture on the screen will occupy only two-thirds of the area, and on the right there is just a black field with the logo of this application. If you use smartphone navigation, then the inability to display the map on the entire 10.25-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×720 pixels will be annoying. You will have to use regular navigation, which is not as perfect as maps on smartphones. But with gadgets from Apple, such problems were not found. If you want, expand any application to full screen, or if you want, use split-screen: for example, two-thirds of the screen will be occupied by a map, and one-third by a music application.

The system itself here is generally the same as we saw on K5 and the updated Rio in the top. All curious chips are in place. For example, the ability to turn on audio screensavers with sounds like crackling firewood or the sound of waves.

A nice feature is the ability to program different driver profiles. If several people use the car, then when landing behind the wheel, you can select a user, and then the adjustment of the seats, mirrors, climate control and a set of radio stations will be the ones you prefer.

There is a useful “driver talk” feature: when it is enabled, the front microphone picks up speech and it is broadcast to the rear speakers. If you need to make a remark to hooligan children, you don’t have to shout. You can start the conversation diplomatically.

Another innovation is the appearance of the selector for the Terrain Mode off-road mode selection system, which has three settings: “Snow”, “Sand” and “Mud”. True, it happens only on diesel cars, but starting from the third trim level (Luxe) out of six. And here’s the paradox: at the same time, the clearance of the new generation dropped to 176 mm, that is, it became almost a centimeter less compared to the previous generation. And in the base (only with a gasoline engine) there is front-wheel drive, like the previous two generations.

Someone will probably grin skeptically, remembering that the first Sorento of 2002 was a real frame SUV with two types of 4×4 transmission: either permanent four-wheel drive or main drive – rear, and the front axle was connected rigidly and at the same time there was still a “lower”.

Now we have a crossover with Vesta clearance (even 2 mm less!).

Nevertheless, the organizers of the test drive laid part of the route through the forest. It is clear that each large stone had to be very carefully bypassed, but no matter how attentive I was, there was still a slight “teal” in one place under the bottom. But nothing came off, thank God.

And why then all these electronic assistants? The answer to this question was found when we reached the place where we had to go through sections three times in a row, where diagonal hanging occurred. We drove the first two in the “Mud” mode, and under the crunch of the ABS, which slowed down the slipping wheels, the Sorento proved to be worthy. On the third, I tried to drive extremely slowly so that the inertia helped the car as little as possible. But I forgot that between the obstacles I switched the Terrain Mode selector to the “Sand” mode for the sake of the experiment. In this case, it was illogical to do this, because with such settings, the electronics transfer the traction force between the axles most sharply, but at the same time reduce the engine torque. In general, sandy obstacles must be passed on the move, and the system expects just such behavior from you.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

In our case, the Sorento slowly crawled up to the obstacle, hung out two wheels, the ABS crackled and simply stalled. Any normal driver in this situation will start, roll back and drive quietly, taking a little acceleration. But we are testing the car here to find out where it has limitations. So I wound up and tried to move in a state of diagonal hanging, just giving gas. And no problem! Crossover easily moved off the obstacle. I note that at that moment I still did not change the system mode.

A reasonable question arises: can the younger versions without this system not be able to overcome this obstacle? Colleagues who were following in a gasoline car, where there is no such electronics, did not manage to overcome this place slowly at all: two wheels are slipping, two are standing. However, having rolled back and taking a small acceleration, they were also able to pass.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

Prices. Comparison with competitors

We have already published details about prices and composition of all configurations, now let’s compare it with competitors.

The gasoline Sorento 2.5 in the Prestige configuration, which we tested, costs 2,649,900 rubles. A close analogue – Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TSI in the Style version – is 144,900 rubles cheaper, but its equipment is much poorer, and if you get the necessary equipment with options, then the difference will already be in favor of Sorento by 124,900 rubles.

Kia believes that the diesel version in the Premium package (a step lower than the one we tested) will become a bestseller, for which they ask for 2,999,900 rubles. It can be compared with the Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI in the Premier version, if you add the optional third row of seats and the ADAS driver assistance system to it. Such a Santa Fe will be 40,000 rubles more expensive than a Sorento, and at the same time a little poorer in terms of equipment. For example, Hyundai will not have a digital instrument panel and remote engine start. However, many will prefer the Santa Fe for the classic “automatic” with eight steps.

The top diesel Sorento with the Premium+ package, which we tested, will cost 3,129,000 rubles. With this amount, you can already take a closer look at the Nissan Murano 3.5 – here they bribe the power of 249 hp, and it seems like a higher status (although this is conditional). But the richest equipment is poorer than that of the Sorento, but meanwhile costs 226,000 rubles more.

And if you compare it with Toyota Highlander, then the price difference is already cosmic. Of course, the “Japanese” is more powerful – it comes to us only with a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine with 249 hp. But when compared with the top-end Sorento, even the most equipped Highlander has a poorer set of equipment, and the surcharge for Toyota is 1.2 million rubles.

These comparisons look good for Kia, but Sorento used to play its game in a more accessible niche (taking into account “just” Sorento), and at the same time, sales of two generations in total last year were far behind competitors like X -Trail, Outlander, Kodiaq, well, up to RAV4 indicators – like to the moon. If the Toyota crossover last year was bought by about 30,000 Russians, then the Sorento Prime, together with the Sorento, was bought by 15,700 people.

But Kia does not change plans. The new Sorento will appear at Russian dealers on October 15th. And on the way – a deeply updated Mohave, which has also already begun to be assembled in Kaliningrad. Its sales will begin on November 1.

2021 Kia Sorento Prime

Specifications Kia Sorento (manufacturer data)

* for front wheel drive variant
** for five-seater version
*** maximum size

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